Friday, April 27, 2012

 These last 2 weeks have just flown by!!! We have had some internet problems so I have not been able to update! Sorry! We have been keeping busy, learning new rules and structures set in place these last 3 months!! Gretchen has been doing a great job with the children, and it has been so much fun working with her. It will be hard to see her go. I know she will have a hard time leaving, as she loves the children at Grace Village. Please pray for here as she goes back home and adjusts back to America!!!

We have been making new contacts with other ministries and orphanages nearby, which has been good! We are all here to support and encourage each other, and meeting new friends nearby has been fun. We visited Mission of Hopes other 2 facilities about 20 minutes away. It is exciting to see what others are doing to further the kingdom.

Our little Joseph has been doing so well in adjusting here at Grace Village!! He loves going to school, and playing on the swings. Andy has stayed close to him, helping him with dressing, bathing and getting to meals on time. Seeing him raise his little hands in worship for the first time brought us all smiles!

We are have the worship team here this week and tomorrow they will baptize 37 young children. What a exciting day that will be!!!

We have a new girl interpreter here at Grace Village! She will be a great help to us when Fan Fan is away at school!! Of course we will also use her to help us in learning Creole!!!

I pray you all have a wonderful blessed week!!!

Mickey and Jewel


  1. Hi Mickey & Jewel I'm on board now....very excieted to pray. Do you remember at North Central the woman from Africa? She would keep saying "pray for me as I pray for myself" with her little accent, so cute

  2. Mickey theDoctor is me Perry8^]