Sunday, May 20, 2012

We've had internet problems so, I haven't been able to keep up with the Blogging. So I will give you a update of these last few weeks!

For the first time, Jewel and I went with the water truck to City Solei.  It is there that we  helped to fill up  buckets  with water to the poorest of the poor.  Since then I have had so many questions, emotions, and feelings as to what we had seen. 

Nothing can quite prepare a person to see the poverty that we saw that day! Words cannot explain, pictures cannot show or even come close as to how it really was.  You have to see it and experience it your self. What we saw, where we walked, what we walked in and through, and to just smell the smells is an experience I will never forget.

No human should ever have to live in those conditions. This was the worst place I have ever seen. It was at one point that I could no longer hold in my tears and I began to cry. The children who were around me  looked at me with their beautiful eyes.  They were confused and did not understand why I was crying. They had no idea of the place that they were living in. My next thought why them and not me!!  How can you see such a place and go back home with out that effecting you!!

When you see all the needs of these hurting people, mothers with children and no income. Elderly without families to care for them, children working as slaves just for food, the homeless, the sick, the orphaned, and those who are just hungry, it just breaks my heart!! But I know the God I serve will help to change this nation around.

Please keep us in your prayers!!
Love Mickey and Jewel

Friday, May 4, 2012

Our week here in Haiti....


We had the water baptism here last week at Grace Village, what a beautiful day!! Seeing all the joy the children had as they publicly proclaimed Jesus as their Lord and Saviour!!!It was great to see Gretchen baptized, seeing the touch of God on her as she was baptized too. The worship team was here with all their instruments as we sang praises together!! It was great to have some of the elders here too as they all watched and then ate lunch with the children.

The best part of the day was when the team brought another girl to live here at Grace Village. She was brought from one of the worst places in Haiti!!! Getting to know her this week and seeing her heart has brought me such joy and happiness!! I have watched her reach out to the other children in such tender ways when someone else is hurt or crying. Making sure that they are comforted or helped!! Even at the doctors clinic this week a baby was crying, and she reached into my backpack and gave the infant her treat. Within moments the baby had stopped crying and the others in the clinic just watched her with smiles.  

This week has kept us busy with doctor visits and lab results. As we are working on keeping the children all strong and healthy. We learned of another huge blessing for our little Joseph! He just came to live with us two weeks ago. He has a problem with his legs that bend inward. He will be able to be fit with braces free of charge to help correct his legs. We are so excited to see the hand of God as he meets the needs of his dear children. I have enjoyed getting to meet other ministries and see how the Lord is working all around us!! We are not alone, we are here to help support and encourage each other!!!

Please continue to pray for these dear children here at Grace Village. They are our future in Haiti, our leaders. Pray that others will see a difference in them where ever they go. That Jesus will shine through them and use them to bring Glory to God!!

Can you please pray for me too, as I have had some kind of a allergic reaction and have hives all over my body. He is my healer!!

Love to you all, Have a blessed week!!
Mickey and Jewel